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Computer Examiners

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Computer Forensics Expert Qualification Highlights

Unique educational and professional background.  BS in Computer Engineering, MBA with  emphasis in Information Technology Management, MS in Information Technoloy (Virginia Tech), Juris Doctor and trial experience as an attorney, graduate certificate in computer forensics, and ISFCE industry-leading computer forensics certification.  Mr. Rivera is also a Stanford University Advanced Computer Security Professional.

Additional Computer Forensics and Cybersecurity Certifications:

Education Highlights

D.J. Rivera’s educational background allows him to serve a a computer forensics expert, not only in performing computer forensics examination, but also in qualifying as a testifying expert witness.  In addition to his Computer Engineering and MBA degrees, Mr. Rivera pursuing a Masters Degree in Information Technology at Virginia Tech.  His past educational qualifications include a Juris Doctor, an MBA with emphasis in Information Technology, a BS in Computer Engineering, and graduate certificates in Computer Forensics and Cyber Security.

Computer Forensics Highlights

D.J. Rivera has earned the industry leading Certified Computer Examiner certification granted by The International Society of Computer Forensics Examiners (ISFCE).  He is also an EIT in engineering (State of Florida).  Mr. Rivera is well versed in the acquisition and analysis of digital evidence from any computer media, including but not limited to computer hard drives, laptops, tablet computers, smart phones, memory sticks, CD/DVD, and more.  Additionally, Mr. Rivera has demonstrated advanced ethical hacking and network penetration testing skills and knowledge by obtaining the GIAC Network Penetration Testing (GPEN) certification.

When it comes to testimony as a computer forensics expert at trial, Mr. Rivera brings excellent qualifications.  Having tried cases as an attorney himself, Mr. Rivera is very familiar with court procedures and expert witness testimony.  He is frequently approached by attorneys for consultation regarding civil and criminal cases involving computer evidence.

Professional Memberships

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • IEEE Computer Society – computer.org
  • The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners (ISFCE)
  • Virginia State Bar
  • American Bar Association
  • Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society